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Photography sites
1x.com - Onexposure displays selected photos from the some of the most tallented photographers
Bythom - Thom Hogan’s independent Nikon site, reviews and critical comment on Nikon cameras and lenses
ePhotozine - UK based site with forums, galleries, reviews and more
DPreview - the site for digital camera reviews (but avoid the forums)
Earthbound Light - Bob Johnson’s nature photography site - the weekly ‘Photo Tips’ are essential reading
Nikonians - another independent Nikon site - very good, well moderated and helpful forums

 Photographers whose work  I find truly inspirational and whose achievements I can only dream of!
Joe Cornish
Lucie Debelkova
Lee Frost
Ross Hoddinot
John Hyde
Colin Prior
Rick Walker


Software that I regularly use. The main reason for using it is not because it is free or cheap but because it is GOOD

FastStone Image Viewer -  a free (donations welcome), fast, stable, user-friendly image browser, converter and editor.

GeoSetter - a freeware tool for Windows for showing and editing geotagging  data of image files using Google Maps                            Also has the ability to synchronise with track files recorded on a GPS (NMEA, GPX  etc).

LibreOffice - (formerly known as OpenOffice) THE alternative to Microsoft Office. Fully compatible with Office, multi                                 -platform, ability to create PDF files  directly, regular updates, not  bloatware and FREE.

iTag - A free tool that embeds title, description and keywords into your photos and allows them to be searched - never                   loose a photo again.

JAlbum - This is the software I used to create these galleries with. It is highly customisable and has a vast range of                           different “skins”.You can publish to yourname.jalbum.net or your own site.

Suppliers etc

Manfrotto Spares - Lightning fast service to replace the bits you’ve lost or broken

Speed Graphic - Carry a wide range of accessories with fast efficient service




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