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I must confess to being a bit of a Rollei 35 anorak, having owned several models over the years. I currently have and use two SE35s one which I bought 30 something years ago which has travelled around the world with me - and shows it. The other, a mint condition specimen, was bought on eBay a couple of years back.

They are the Marmite of the camera world - you either love em or hate em.

I collected together here a series of links to web sites on this remarkable camera.


SE35 Manual - A PDF file English pages 8-31

Rollei 35 series - descriptions

Camera Quest - overview of the various models

Cases - superior handmade leather (expensive!) case for the Rollei 35 series

Repairs - Newton Ellis & Co. based in Liverpool UK (no experience of using them)

Repairs - Based in California, Ive used this guy slowish turnaround but good

Wikipedia - a very comprehensive listing on all aspect of the Rollei 35


Kathmandu, Nepal - Rollei 35 SE

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